Af Katinka B. Nielsen and Kristian N. Andersen, 28. februar 2012

Child Labor in the Ivory Coast


Human Rights project
Our assignment this week was to make a project about Human Rights in Africa. You could choose to make either a film, a PowerPoint or something else that fit into our projects. We then needed to present it for the class. But the special thing about this assignment was that we also needed to present it for someone else than the Global Explorer class. Some were going to present it for the rest of the school, some were going to a school in Dalmose and some went to Slagelse to hand out brochures.


We chose the topic "Child Labor in the Ivory Coast"
We made a PowerPoint, a brochure and a report. The PowerPoint we made for the presentation to the class. You can see our PowerPoint in the pictures just above this text. We made the brochure for when we are going to Slagelse to hand it out to people, and tell them about child labor. This we are going to do in one of the next weeks (we didn't have time for it during the project). Our report is made for the teachers so they can read about what we have found out.


In this project we learned a lot about child labor. Not only in the Ivory Coast, but all over Africa. We learned a lot about how difficult it is to find exact number on children working under the conditions of "child labor" defined by ILO (International Labour Organization) and how many different oppinions there is on this subject.

Katinka B. Nielsen and Kristian N. Andersen